The overall objective of NANOMAT-EPC is to support the deployment of societally beneficial nano- and materials technologies in the EPC, in order to increase exploitation of their scientific results and contribute to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The project will achieve its overall objective via the following groups of activities:
- Identification of nano- and materials knowledge and technology transfer opportunities in the EPC;
- Networking of public and private organisations to support nano- and materials knowledge and technology transfer in the EPC;
- Implementation of pilot nano- and materials technologies deployment projects via education, training and exchange of scientists between the EPC and European partners.

Latest News

NANOMAT-EPC project evaluated excellent in EC's final review
Two years have passed since the beginning of the NANOMAT-EPC project, and in October 2015, the project has finally been completed. The efforts of the project partners have been rewarded with excellent results in the EC's final review.

Successful brokerage event in Kyiv
Recently, the NANOMAT-EPC team organised a brokerage event aimed at providing opportunities for nanomaterial scientists and engineers from Ukraine and Europe to meet and develop new collaborations.

NANOMAT-EPC brokerage event in Kyiv
The third NANOMAT-EPC brokerage event “A great opportunity for nanomaterial scientists and engineers from Ukraine and Europe to meet and develop new collaborations” will be held on the 6th of October 2015 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

NANOMAT-EPC meeting at Université Paris-Sud
Last week the fourth NANOMAT-EPC project consortium meeting was held at the Université Paris-Sud (PSUD) in Orsay, France.

NANOMAT-EPC presented to the European Parliament, Brussels
The NANOMAT-EPC project coordinator, Giles Brandon, was invited to present on nano- and material technologies in Eastern Partnership countries (EPC) to the European Parliament, Brussels.

European Commission publishes feature about the NANOMAT-EPC project
Recently, the NANOMAT-EPC project was selected to be featured in the "Projects & Results Service" section of the European Commission's CORDIS platform.

Brokerage event in Minsk (11 November 2014)
The NANOMAT-EPC team is happy to announce the next brokerage event within the framework of the project, which will take place in Minsk (Belarus), on 11 November 2014. Registration is open. The latest version of agenda of the event is available here.

Nano 2014 - 3rd International Conference 'Nanotechnologies'
3rd International Conference “Nanotechnologies” (Nano – 2014) will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 20-24 October 2014. It will be devoted to the methods of synthesizing of nanomaterials, studying their structure, chemical, physical and technological properties, and applications in techniques. Conference will provide an evaluation of the present state-of-art in this field of knowledge, new achievements and prospects of developments in nanotechnologies.

NANOMAT-EPC Networking Event in Tbilisi, Georgia
Recently Georgian Technical University hosted a brokerage event and a workshop aimed at reinforcing collaboration between nanomaterials scientists in the South-Caucasus region and European research organisations.

E-MRS 2014 FALL MEETING Simposium (15-19 September 2014)
An international scientific and technology event dedicated to composite materials and structures will take place this autumn in Warsaw, Poland. The details are available here.

Brokerage event in Tbilisi (25 June 2014)
The latest version of agenda of the event is available here.

Call for proposals within the framework of the Targeted Research & Development Initiatives Program

NANOMAT-EPC: Developing advanced nanomaterial based technologies for clean energy, healthcare and environmental applications

Upcoming Events

BioNanoMed 2016 - 7th International Congress Nanotechnology in Biology & Medicine
6-8 April 2016, Krems, Austria